Saturday, June 12, 2010

Are You Wearing Grannies Panties?

Twenty or thirty years ago, I would never have any problem deciding what to wear on a hot day like today. Tube top and bikini shots, along with my sandals and some cool shades. But now at 50-something, that attire is definitely out.

So what's a poor baby boomer woman to do when she wants to look cute and cool for the summer even though she's having to deal with a little middle-age spread?

Lifestyle writer Aliceann Toole offers her thoughts on fashion for boomer women. She says, "Just because we reach that certain age, we don’t throw our fashion sense out the window. Just because our bodies have changed over the years, we aren’t ready for shapeless “granny” clothes … even if we’re grannies."

I agree with her synopsis but then the question becomes, "Did I have any fashion sense to begin with?"

I still have the right to wear grannies panties, if I want to, don't I?

How has your fashion changed over the years?


Pam Archer said...

I try to be fashionable, but like you said, it's hard to find clothing that compliments our booming figures and still feel sytlish.

I'll be soooooooo happy when capris go out of style. They aren't flattering to anyone.

My daughters' won't allow me near some of the racks of clothing for our age women. They tell me it doesn't fit my personality. I try to have one of them with me when I shop for clothing. They keep my in line and in style.

No granny panties for me! :0)

As for you, you look great in anything I've seen you wear.

Eileen Williams said...

This post is so right on! There are a growing number of my body parts that will no longer see the light of day. The terrible triple: jiggle, wiggle, and droop have left their all too familiar mark and I'd just as soon cover the goods at this point. On the bright side--at least I'll save a ton of money on sunblock!

Debra Stokes said...

This is such a good topic for discussion. I have always had a desire to be fashionable - since as far back as I can remember!

Back in the day, my under-100-pounds-soaking wet-five-foot-seven body would allow me to rock just about any style I was bold enough to try. Halter tops (I'm a member of the IBTC) and no bra, cutoffs and shower shoes made up my casual summer wardrobe. But today!!!!!!!!!!! Wisdom has taught me to accentuate the positive and cover up the rest! I have great genes and so my skin is holding up well. I enjoy v-neck and deep v-back tops with 3/4 length sleeves. I enjoy wearing a "floaty" sheer top over a supportive camisole. And belts have become my friends - the flashier the better!

The real key is to dress for your personal comfort and self image. If other people don't agree with your choices, just smile and give them that " . . . because I can" strut and rock on, sister!

Sharon McMillan said...

I'll be so happy when the hip fitting slacks go out of style. I've always liked my pants to fit me at the waist as it suits my figure and I think most women at mid-life who tend to have a larger waist :)

One way my fashion sense has changed is that I wear dresses less which is pretty funny as I use to love mini's in the late 80's.

Today it is just much more convenient for me to wear slacks or shorts in the summer...and I'm all for style AND convenience these days :)

Parents Rule! said...

Totally is uplifting to like what you wear and feel good wearing it. So if grannie panties do it, then wear them. If no panties does it, then go for it.

Beth said...

I say comfort reigns supreme! Grannie panties are alright by me!