Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby Boomer Moms Need a Wake Up Call

There's a new survey out indicating more than half of baby boomer generation mothers support adult children financially. Of the women with children over age 18, nine percent said they had adult children living back home for indefinite periods. Twelve percent were primarily responsible for their adult child or their children's financial well-being and 31 percent said they had children who returned home, relied on them but expected to become independent.

The survey, based out of Orlando, Florida by The Kitchens Group only polled 441 women, which is a very miniscule number when you take into consideration there are nearly 40 million female baby boomers in the United Statessiut

So the question is, is this survey really a reflection of what is happening between boomer women and their grown children or is this a symptom of a weak economy? Or did some boomer parents give their children too much growing up, while failing to teach them how to get out and survive on their own terms?

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