Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby Boomer Teachers Wanted

The Teacher Ambassador Program is looking for a few good baby boomers.

The “Teacher Ambassador Program” will train Americans for English-speaking positions at magnet high schools in 13 Chinese cities. It’ll differ from other programs by training participants in how to:

• Appropriately incorporate American styles of teaching (project-based learning, dialogue, critical thinking, etc.); and

• Identify and pursue culturally appropriate community service opportunities in and out of the classroom.

It’s run by United World College-USA (which operates schools and colleges around the world that’ve brought 40,000 students from 100+ countries to learn together, bond and work towards a more peaceful world) and the Ameson Foundation, a charitable organization in NY that focuses on cultural and education exchanges in China.

China is super hungry right now for American teachers (for various subjects, many of which are AP), and some of their best current teachers (in public schools) are folks in their 60s.

The website, if you’re interested:


Heidi Caswell said...

I don't think it'd hurt to learn Mandarin. This would be a good way to do so. Keep in mind many wealthy US citizens are having their children learn mandarin, moving there etc.
I know that there are good people from China. Years back in college one of the girls in our dorm was from China and one of my best friend's dad escaped mainland China before he was born and immigrated to the US. Very hard working family.
I also have some concerns. We as a people have been buying too much stuff from other countries, esp. China. Still do. Eye opening link:
showing China at the top by far in net earnings/trade. Where is the United States? Keep scrolling. And scrolling.
There could easily become a time when we can't afford to buy Chinese goods as our American dollar devaluates. And with the rising cost of oil, it'd be cheaper to make our own stuff, less shipping. Or maybe they'll simply have their own towns inside our country, producing stuff here.
Now China wants to hire US teachers so their students will blend in US universities.
Both countries can learn from each other, it is the big economic power shift which is cause for concern.

Beverly said...

Wow Heidi!

Your comments are quite thought-provoking. I was unaware that we were DEAD LAST when it comes to net earnings in the trade market.

I read somewhere awhile back that most Americans aren't interested in other countries but their own. Maybe more folks need to pay attention to what's really going on in the world around them. If they do, maybe America will, once again , be the powerhouse it once was with jobs and "made in America" instead of buying so much stuff from other countries like China.