Sunday, August 23, 2015

Do Baby Boomer Women Need a Drug to Improve their Sex Life

Baby boomer men have viagra and now it looks as though baby boomer women could have their own little pill for making magic happen in the bedroom.

The Federal Drug Administration recently approved a prescription drug, called Addyi, for women who suffer from low libido.  The F.D.A. says the drug was approved "for women whose loss of sexual desire causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty and is not the result of illness, relationship problems or side effects of other medicines."  

So now the question is just how many women will take advantage of having a "little pink pill" to help them "get it on" when the time is right?  According to the manufacturer, Sprout Pharmaceuticals, "approximately one in three women in the United States has low sexual desire, and about one in 10 women feels distressed about it. That translates to 16 million ladies who potentially have Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder or HSDD, and Addyi could potentially help the 4.8 million of those women who are premenopausal."

For the record, I am not on the bandwagon for this pill.  Based on what I've read, the pill will stimulate something in the brain to activate the mind into having the desire for sex.  

The truth of the matter is more than 30 percent of baby boomer women are single.  Perhaps the Company is banking on the fact that these single women will create their own version of "Looking for Mr.Goodbar." 

But there are also other factors that could result in a low sex drive----like aging, lack of sleep, work-related stress and dissatisfaction with one's partner.  

I will say I applaud the Raleigh, NC based Company's initiative in trying to create a remedy for the sexual woes of middle aged women but I already take enough pills for one thing or another and I don't personally see the need since my sex life with my husband is just fine.

Perhaps you just need the RIGHT partner!

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