Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Baby Boomers in the Hood

When I was growing up "neighbors" were something like an extended family. Everybody knew everybody and all of the grown-ups always had permission to spank anybody's child if they got out of line. During the holidays neighbors visited each other and brought goodies and swapped presents.

That was the community I came from and I still have that sense of "community." When I moved into my neighborhood three years ago, I immediately wanted to know who my neighbors were. Not because I was trying to find out their business so I could turn around and gossip to my friends...but rather because I wanted to know what things we had in common and to develop a sense of trust between each other. All of us share one thing in common---we're baby boomers!

Immediately I discovered my next door neighbor Kathy is a cat lover and loves to square dance. She's from Ohio. She also has a hidden talent of writing deep inside of her and she could do her own series on "Ms. Home Improvement." The things she can do with a drill are nothing short of incredible!

My other neighbors, Adair and Vickie are nurses. I don't get to see them much because of their schedules but when our paths do cross we find plenty to talk about. Up the street, there's a James Taylor look-a-like. I remember the first time I saw him I thought he was the "Handy Man" and I told him so. He said he's been told that before but doesn't see the resemblance. He has two children and a wife who's also a nurse. Much to my surprise his next door neighbor is a guy I used to bowl with in a league. We weren't on the same team but he was friendly then and remains true in spirit now.

This past Saturday my neighbor (and friend) Kathy invited my husband and me to her home for a celebration party. She earned a long-awaited degree from NCCU and she and her friend Ray were also celebrating birthday milestones. We didn't know anybody at the party but Kathy and Ray but by the end we made some new friends. My husband hit it off with some fellow "boring" engineers and I had an absolutely fabulous time mingling with people I probably would've never met otherwise. We talked about the good old days and how much things have changed,

Do I know my neighbors? Yes...and in case of an emergency I know I can call upon anyone of them. Can you do the same?

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