Thursday, October 30, 2008

Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

When you’re a single woman over 40 years of age, finding companionship with the opposite sex can be a challenge. Gone are the days of Looking for Mr. Good Bar in a bar, or being fixed up with the friend of a friend. They're looking too!

These days, more and more baby boomer men and women people are discovering true love on the internet. I’m not knocking it because I did it and ended up getting re-married. But I have to tell you, I had to weed through some garbage to find him. You see, for every decent individual out there in cyberspace, there are at least a dozen weirdoes, freaks, and others who give the concept a black eye. There are men whose motives are simply to prey on the poor old widow, divorcee, or “I’m desperate” never-been-married woman.

Then you have many men in our age group are already married, gay or dead. So what’s a middle-aged woman to do when she wants to meet a guy? Here are some suggestions on some DIFFERENT places to meet men:

Why not try prison? I actually heard a woman on the radio recently talking about her upcoming nuptial plans with someone sentenced to 30 years behind bars. She fit the profile perfectly. She was over 40, had never been married, no children and no real social life. Before hanging up, she joked about knowing where her man was going to be at all times.

A Funeral: This is a great place—especially if the deceased is the “wife.”

Home Depot: Men love a woman who is good with her hands and is self-reliant. So go to the store and look like a confident women who can fix things. Strike up a conversation about that deck you're going to build on the back of your house and invite him over to help.

The Park: Walk your dog, cat, bird, rabbit or whatever! If you don’t have one, borrow one from a neighbor or friend. While you’re at the park, check out your prospects--make eye contact, smile, start a conversation about dogs, cats etc.

Sporting Events: Take a crash course in Football 101. Then buy yourself a jersey of the home team in your area and bring out that inner cheerleader at the game.

Where would you suggest?


Anonymous said...

There was a survey recently that men in prison make good companions because they have great listening skills which is important for women and the relationship isn’t just centered on sex.

I'm not into sports, but as a web designer, I meet A LOT of men, so maybe ladies consider changing your profession.

Excellent tips for meeting men.

Anonymous said...

I know this is tongue in cheek...But I am not sure what to comment...except I think Prison is out...but then again..someone to talk with. hopefully he is not a wife killer...That could be dangerous..He could always hire a hit man and get all your dough.

Anonymous said...

This is too funny, Bev. I have advised my girls to hang out at Home Depot and Barnes and Noble, but I don't think they listen to their mama.

Anonymous said...

Barnes & Noble? Do men read?

Anonymous said...

Park and grocery store. I'm not single, but bump into single guys looking both places. I remember one guy saying how well our kids played together, then started flashing his ringless left hand, asking what type of other activities I liked to do. I let him know I was married, 7 kids (those 2 facts do a great job deflecting such attention), and moved to another part of the park.

Anonymous said...

Prison? Only if it's one of those upscale versions with all the CEOs, Insider Traders and Embezzlers!!!!

Joyce Mason said...

I was single more years of my adult life (25) than married (18). "Trying" to meet someone never worked well for me, though I hear the grocery store is hot (go figure!). What worked in the end was letting it go. Being OK with being single, if that's what was the divine plan. Deciding what I wanted, writing it down, forgetting it and letting Spirit move me. Was I surprised when I got the "inspiration" to look up my childhood sweetheart. I'm even more surprised to have been married to him for the past 10 years. BTW, I read a book around the time we got back together of research done by a professor in California. She discovered that reunited sweethearts from high school or younger have a far greater percentage of happy marriages. Gone to your reunion lately?

Anonymous said...

Glad I'm no longer in that circuit. Whew! It's got to be pretty rough out there if prison is an option.

Unknown said...

I must be honest enough to let you know that I have married the nicest man I have ever met and did meet him on the Internet. But Beverly is so right; I met a bunch of weirdo’s and nuts and would not advise this method carelessly. The first question I asked my now hubby was for his social security number, second question was his place of employment and phone number. I did a background check before I ever met him! Now this has become a funny story to him; because while he gave me this information, he thought I was checking up to find out how much money he made LOL. Hey I was more interested in making sure he was not an ax murderer. My thoughts are to meet men in church activities. First and foremost start praying that God will lead you in the direction He wants you to take.

Anonymous said...

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