Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Banks Have Gone Totally Mad Since Bailout

If you've followed the banking mess and their call for a financial handout---I mean bailout---you know that some of these fat cats made out like bandits. Take Citigroup, for example, which reportedly received at least $45 billion in bailout funds. Bank of America, which ranks #1 on my Customer Hall of Shame List, also got $45 billion.

But I guess that just wasn't enough because now it appears some of these same banks are dipping into our personal accounts to take even more money---although they say they'll give it back in a little while.

Today I went to the gas station and saw this interesting note on the pump:


"When using a debit card, please be aware that your financial institution may place a hold on your account that may exceed the amount of your purchase. Shell is not responsible for placing and removing debt holds. Please contact your financial institution if you would like more information."


Yes, it appears these banks keep giving us all the business.


Eileen Williams said...

Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!!!

The old "greed is good" line from the movie, " Wall Street" is alive and well. It does make one yearn for a little concept called karma!

Pam Archer said...

Goodness, Bev. I didn't realize banks were doing this. It's tempting to withdraw any money one has in the bank, but it would throw our country into a depression and worse, for sure.

Thank you for keeping us uptdated on these issues.