Wednesday, July 01, 2009

North Carolina Ranks Among the States with the Fattest Baby Boomers

During my adult life, I have lived in Ohio, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, West Virigina (which I rarely admit) and now, in North Carolina. Based on this study of obesity and baby boomers, I should be heading back to New England. Here are the states listed in order of where the fattest baby boomers live. Where does your state rank? (To read the entire report, click on the title for this blog post).

1. Mississippi
2. Alabama
3. West Virginia
4. Tennessee
5. South Carolina
6. Oklahoma
7. Kentucky
8. Louisiana
9. Michigan
10. (tie) Arkansas and Ohio
12. North Carolina
13. Missouri
14. (tie) Georgia and Texas
16. Indiana
17. Delaware
18. (tie) Alaska and Kansas
20. (tie) Nebraska and South Dakota
22. (tie) Iowa and North Dakota and Pennsylvania
25. (tie) Maryland and Wisconsin
27. Illinois
28. (tie) Oregon and Virginia and Washington
31. Minnesota
32. Nevada
33. (tie) Arizona and Idaho 3
35. Maine
36. New Mexico
37. New York
38. Wyoming
39. (tie) Florida and New Hampshire
41. California (23.6%)
42. New Jersey
43. Montana
44. Utah
45. District of Columbia
46. Vermont
47. Hawaii
48. Rhode Island
49. Connecticut
50. Massachusetts
51. Colorado


Eileen Williams said...

What an interesting post! I wonder if the reasons behind the discrepancy in weight are due to regional cooking, weather, or cultural influences. I live in California and we rank #41.
Personally, I have to admit that my weight bounces up and down so I might have to move from state to state every couple years! :-)

Kathie M. Thomas said...

What an interesting but sad study. Don't think they've done that here in Oz - well, not yet anyway. But I have noticed people here too, are getting wider.

Heidi Caswell said...

Must be all that gravy and deep fried, chicken fried food in the south.

Kevin Thompson, MPA said...

Well Bev,

I lived in New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey. From the information in this report I need to move back to Mass or where in laws live in Connecticut. I guess this is a wake up call for us Boomers to exercise more. I plan to do more right after the 4th. Thanks for sharing this information.

Pam Archer said...

According to the list, Tennessee is #4. Does this mean I am only 4 belt notches away from being a fat Mississipian?

I'm going to write about this and link back to you.