Monday, May 28, 2007

A Baby Boomer Diva Butterball? Whatever!

Yesterday after church a woman named Lois came up to me and complimented me on my appearance. She said she noticed I had lost weight. I thanked her for noticing and explained that I have been working on dropping some pounds. I told her I had lost about five pounds. She thought it was more than that and then went on to tell me I had turned into a little "butterball" so losing any weight was obviously noticeable.

WELL!!! So that's what I've been looking like to the general public? A little butterball! Funny no one else said anything before. Maybe they were just trying to spare my feelings because you know how sensitive some of us women can be about weight issues. But this particular baby boomer diva didn't bite her tongue or mince words---she just came right out and said what she thought.

Although Lois and I have been attending the same church for years, we became friends after my book "Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age" was released. She bought a copy and said she's read it about four or five times. Bless her heart.

I told her how I had changed my eating habits and about going to the gym and participating in the fitness boot camp.

On the way home from church I told my husband what she said and he was surprised at her comment. But then I asked him to BE HONEST and tell me if he thought I had gained alot of weight. And then he confessed that I had packed on some pounds since we first met six years ago but his love for me wasn't measured by how much I weighed.

Awww...that was sweet. But I do thank Lois for keepin' it real.


Carine-what's cooking? said...

well, pooh on her Bev. Honestly. It's hard enough to lose weight w/o having people giving back-handed complimnets. Although it isn't just to us babyboomers-you should have heard some of the comments my daugther received this weekend in NYC-terrible behavior.
Good news, my babyboomerbuddy from high school-we look older, but we knew each other right off and from a distance-we looked pretty much the same. Is that a good thing???

Bev Mahone said...


That's definitely a good thing! It would be awful to walk right by each other and not be recognizeable.

A few years ago, I went home and saw one of my fellow cheerleaders. She looked EXACTLY the same--made me totally sick! And what's even worse...she didn't recognize me right away.