Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Baby Boomer in Love

This time last year I was preparing for a trip that would change my life forever. This was the second-trip-of-its-kind for me, but somehow I felt I was going to have an entirely new experience.

You know how it is when you go on trips. You’re looking to have fun----with no stress. My first trip started out just fine….maybe because I stayed in the dark most of the time. But my wise old mama always had a saying for everything and this one was “What you do in the dark will eventually come to light!” Oh yeah, she pounded that nail right on the head. That first trip was a TRIP from Hell.

My second trip wasn’t quite as exciting. There were no frills---no bells and whistles or white doves hovering over. I think as you get older, the fancy, frivolous stuff isn’t as important as the quality and real meaning of the trip itself.

The beautiful thing today is I feel just as happy and excited about the second trip as if it happened just yesterday. This week my “new” husband and I are celebrating our first year anniversary. We’ve gone through quite a lot over the past year but through it all we have persevered and God has truly been the glue to keep us together. It’s a beautiful thing to be a baby boomer in love.

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Carine-what's cooking? said...

Congrats and enjoy your 1st anniversary! I remember mine-very pregnant. We went to a polynesian restaurant that had a show. The emcee couldn't pronounce my name and kept referring to us as "Steve and his lovely wife". I still laugh at the thought.