Friday, May 04, 2007

What's Up with the Baby Boomer Drama?

David Hasselhoff has become the latest celebrity baby boomer to show a less than flattering side to America. In a video recorded by his daughters and shown on You Tube, the former Knight Rider star is shown lying on the floor in a drunken stuper and trying to respond to a voice off camera regarding his alcohol relapse. He is also trying to eat something off the floor in the process.

Just a few weeks ago, we heard the voice of boomer Alec Baldwin ranting in a cell phone message to his daughter.

I am, personally, appalled at the behavior of these two men but I am OUTRAGED that their wives appear to have driven them to the point of being out of control. Why must their marriages end so bitterly? Is it over money? Bad sex? Infidelity? or a combination of everything? Well, whatever the case, there should be no reason for these baby boomer women to drag their former lovers through the mud because whether they realize it or not, they're dragging themselves as well and they may get up even dirtier.

These kinds of antics may have been a part of our twenties but you would think that we grew up and learned from the error of our ways. A word of advice to Pam and Kim: Ladies, get over yourselves and find another way to make some headlines. You're giving the rest of us baby boomer divas a really bad name!

But then again...maybe it ain't personal, it's menopause.


Carine-what's cooking? said...

I just commented on this wonderful blog on fab40 Bev. Why or why does there have to be a couple of rotte apples in every barrel?
thank you for enjoying my post this week.

Anonymous said...

Beverly Beverly Beverly!

You are one of my greatest American heroes in the blogsphere. How can you say, "but I am OUTRAGED that their wives appear to have driven them to the point of being out of control?"

Uh Uh, they must own up to an accept accountability. And, even more than this, if anyone loses control then it's our own fault. We choose how we will react to any given situation.

Some ex's will provoke you and make you angry on a daily basis, but what truly healthly parent speaks to their child that way?

And, Hosselhoff asking his minor aged daughter to film him in a state of absolute drunkardness. I have 2 grown sons I can't begin to image~~No Way! All that money, hire someone else. The same way he spends his money hiring Publicists. That's a cruel selfish abusive act towards a child. Let a child be a child. That should have been Hasselhoff's burden.

Can you tell I'm a advocate/ activist for abused children? I listen to their horrid stories on a daily basis. But, in all total honesty the wives are just as abusive. They should have found a way to resolve this without media attention.

It's time for the entire world, To Protect Our Children.

Bev Mahone said...


You, my dear, make blogging what it should be intended engage in lively and healthy discussions about issues people wouldn't, otherwise, discuss.

While I totally agree with you that we are responsible for our own actions, the same holds true for others involved with us. If you know you are provoking someone to the point of "insanity" or foolishness, why do it? What do you have to gain from it? Perhaps, knowing you made someone feel as miserable as you do.

Angela said...

I can see both sides of this issue. I have a couple of grandkids visiting. A couple of the things I have to remind them of could be useful in these situations as well.

Things such as, "Don't touch her/him. Don't even think about touching her/him. And, you, when he/she touches you, they get exactly what they want out of you when you react so stop reacting and move onto something else that's worth doing."

Some people's kids. Sigh.