Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Who is Beverly Mahone?

Beverly ’s own mid-life journey began a little more than two years ago. She was a divorced mom attempting to raise a teenager alone, while maintaining her career as a television journalist. Then she found herself dealing with emotional and physical struggles she couldn’t quite get a handle on. The struggles of weight gain, forgetfulness, mood swings and depression seemed to be overwhelming at times. To top it all off, her body temperature seemed to be out of control more and more frequently. As a result of these symptoms, Beverly started a journal as a form of therapy and later learned through her gynecologist that she was in the early stages of menopause. It was at that point that she decided to reclaim her life by learning ways to overcome what seemed like a no-win situation at the time.

Prior to the book being published, Beverly ’s life appeared to be spinning out of control. Her depression, mood swings and hot flashes were getting worse. Coupled with that was the fact that she was passed over for a promotion at work by a woman ten years younger, making her feel even less significant in life. It wasn’t long after, that Beverly decided to call it quits after more than 25 years as a journalist. At that point, she became more determined than ever to prove to herself that she could overcome the fears of growing older that plagued her. She joined a health club and began working out. She started dating again and has discovered a new ministry with her writing.

Who needs Oprah...when I have YOU???

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